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Why Choose Us?

A4F Instructors carry high standards as Certified Firearm Instructors. Many have military backgrounds as veterans. Our Instructors care about our U.S. Constitution and our 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms as Americans. We offer NRA Courses such as the Basic Pistol Course to receive your certificate to apply to your local sheriff's office to receive your Concealed Carry Handgun License. We also offer the NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course, and NRA First Steps Course designed for beginners. You can contact us if you would like to have a one on one personnel Instructor to help you develop safe shooting skills. If you do not own a firearm it is ok, we can provide you one for training. We teach courses in the Central Ohio area.    

Not only was it a lifetime memory that I and my dad experienced together, the information taught by the instructors will possibly contribute to saving my life if I ever was to be put in a situation to defend myself. Loved loved loved it! !!!

Da' Rece Byrd

New Customer